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CS:GO Beginners' Guide - Competitive Tricks & Tips - Wishwere - 05-03-2015


Hello there, everyone!

I am glad that you are here to see my first guide ever. Basically, what I will do, is clear all the new-comers' doubts and help them get ready for the competitive mode in CS:GO. Hope this guide would help you. You can also request to add other stuff in the guide, if I find it useful for the other beginners', I'll definitely add your portion and give you credits.

PS: This guide is for people who are ranked between Silver 1 - Gold Nova Master, if you are higher ranked, you must be knowing about all these basic tips and tricks already. So before dropping hate comments, please read the title Smile .  

The Basic Setup & Equipments

Alright, I believe you own CS:GO, and that's the reason, you're probably looking here. Here are some of the few basic steps that I highly recommend you to follow before getting into competitive mode:

1. Validation & Reacquiring of CS:GO Files
               Go to your Steam Library > Right Click on CS:GO > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache. This will give you a fresh start.  

2. Mouse & The Mousepad 
                 Mouse is an important part of the game. You need a good mouse, and what I have is Razer DeathAdder - which has been really popular among the gamers these years. Razer DeathAdder provides us comfortable Rubber grips, and has the latest 4g sensor. It also has a snagless cord and is completely customizable. You may check out various other mice which can fit in your hand comfortably.Of course with the Mouse, you would require a good mouse pad too. I believe you can make the best pick on Mouse pads. To be honest, I use a local mouse pad, it's a slick pad and I'm quiet happy with it. 

[Image: 30dh345.jpg] 

3. Keyboard
             For a beginner, any basic modern keyboard should suffice. I think you should buy any keyboard which should be comfortable to you, especially the buttons. It should also allow you to press multiple keys at once; most of the keyboards usually have this feature. I use a simple wireless Logitech keyboard, which works quiet fine for me.

4. Headset
              Sound is one of the most important part of the game, and we will discuss it's importance later on. But it's so obvious to hear sound we require a Headset. You can buy any headset which fits comfortably on your ears and has good sound quality. Playing on Headphones is a must for competitive - and without sound you can't play sh!t to be honest.  

Mouse Configuration Tips

Configuration of mouse can be a useful tool to perform better in CS:GO competitive matches. This somewhat depends on our mouse, but I think these settings would work pretty nicely on most of the mice.  

1. Mouse Pointer Speed
           Go to Control Panel > Mouse Settings > Pointer Options. Make sure that you've selected the bar in the middle. I have kept 6/11 as my pointer speed. 
[Image: 262ryxj.png]       

2. Disable Mouse Acceleration 
             There are some random negative or positive mouse acceleration in CS:GO. Not only CS:GO, in many other games such as other Counter Strike series, Half Life, Dota 2 etc. There is small fix for that which adds a registry entry. This will make sure your aim is consistent.  

3. In-Game Sensitivity
              Sensitivity depends upon your own playing style. What I personally prefer, is the default sensitivity, i.e. 2.9. I personally think you can keep any sensitivity between 1 and 4. As I said, it is based on your own personal preference.   

4. DPI (Dots Per Square Inch) 
            Many people have been asking me about what to keep as their DPI's and what I say is to keep the native DPI of the mouse. Based on the DPI only you have to adjust your mouse sensitivity. After 800 DPI you cannot find any difference. I recommend you to set your DPI to 450-500 depending on your mouse. That's it from my side on mouse configuration tips & tricks. Let's now move onto the next topic.   

Pre-Competitive Play: WARM-UP


Warm-up is a must before you enter into competitive mode of CS:GO. I recommend you to search for a good casual or deathmatch server, play there about 30-40 minutes, and then get into competitive. What these servers do is that they to help work on your aim, positioning, gun control and overall knowledge of the game. Practice with deagle, usp, glock, ak/m4 or awp based on whatever main gun you prefer. The reason for the small selection of guns, is these are the main guns used in competitive play.

AIMING: AK-47 & M4A1-s

Here's a video which will assist you on how to aim with AK-47 and M4A1-S. Aiming with AK-47 ain't easy, and it has a specific recoil pattern. So does m4a1-s, but however, it is more accurate.   


"Now although hitting those slow moving target is important, flicking is obviously, also important."Hitting those shots in situations where you have to move from one target to the next or move your crosshair from watching one spot to another when you are unsure of where the enemy will peek. Obviously a good player will limit the amount of times they will have to rely on flicking to kill people but even the best of the best can't know where everyone will be if they have had time to setup in a retake situation, or if you are rushing them as a Terrorist. Therefore its very important to be able to hit your flicks, and as many as possible! This is by far my favourite and what I feel is the most efficient way to practice your flicks because it warms you up for multiple width and height offsets. And again, its better than multiplayer DM because you knockout multiple targets in a MUCH short period of time. Have fun!" 

The Conclusion

So this is it for a CS:GO "beginners' guide" from my side. After you've learn the basics of the competitive mode of CS:GO, you shall now move into advanced tips and tricks by professionals on YouTube (the tutorials; where I myself learn every day).

The sound sense, use of microphone at right time, crosshair placement, recoil control, good choice of gaming mouse, mouse pad, headphones and keyboard, PC which could run the game smoothly and certain configurations are enough for a beginner to know before getting into competitive gameplay.

What I personally want you to take into consideration is NOT to care much about the ranks, as they depend on team gameplay. You should make sure that you are improving and have improved as an individual. Keep practicing the guns you use the most in death-matches, or off-line with bots.    

Thank You!

Thanks a ton for reading my guide.Any type of suggestion or criticism are most welcome - I will try to update the guide as the game progresses. If you have any ideas or content which you think I've missed drop a comment below and I'll take that into consideration and add it if it's worth it!

Shawty was only 21 years old.
He loved CS:GO so much.
He had most of the achievements and items.
He prayed to Gaben every night before bed, thanking him for the inventory he's been given.
"CS:GO is love," he says, "CS:GO is life."
His Friend Shash hears him and calls him a silver scrublord.
He knows his Friend  is just jealous of his Friend's devotion to Gabe.
He calls him a console peasant.
He slaps him and sends him to sleep.
He's crying now and his face hurts.
He lays in bed, and it's really cold.
He feels a warmth moving towards him.
He looks up.
It's Gabe!
He's so happy,
Gabe whispers into Shawty's ear, "Try your chances... Open a case."
Gaben grabs Shawty with his powerful dev-team hands and puts him on his hands and knees.
He's ready.
Shawty opens his pockets for Gabe.
Gabe puts his hands deep into Shawty's pockets.
It costs so much, but Shawty does it for CS:GO.
Shawty can feel his wallet emptying as his eyes start to water.
He accepts the terms and conditions.
Shawty wants to please Gabe.
Gaben lets out a mighty roar as he fills Shawty's computer with keys.
Shawty opens all the cases and gets nothing worth anything at all.

CS:GO is love...
CS:GO is life...