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Asian CoD4 Championship 2015 - ShaSh - 04-28-2015

[Image: acc.jpg]

                               They say cod4 is dead. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But we still play this game because we love it. So we are trying to organize a clan based tournament. We can't do it without the support of everyone of you. This league will be for Asian players.

Tournament Rules:

  1. This is a PROMOD Tournament. Matches will be on Knockout_mr12 (BO3) mode.
  2. Every team will have a maximum of 7 players. And Matches will be 5vs5. One spectator from each of the playing team may be allowed. 
  3. All the matches will be played on PB.
  4. All players(including spec) have to record every whole match with the console command “/record”. On any doubt a leader can ask for the opponent’s record/demo(max 2).But admins can ask for all the 5 player's demo
  5. If a player, who has been asked to provide record, doesn't provide it within 24hours, then the admins decision will be final. So every leader will be responsible for that. To avoid any gap, we suggest to upload the demos as soon the match is finish.
  6. A player has to take fraps screenshots in every 3 seconds, Altering the duration can only be done by any player if the opponent agrees to it and then the admins agree to it.
  7. Failing to provide fraps ss (even if the player does it in more than 3 seconds) within 24hrs will result in disqualification, subject to admins approval.
  8. Any player found guilty or caught using Hack, he/she will be Kicked Out from the Tourney immediately.I
  9. f a player teleports excessively, the opponent can ask for that player to spectate. (If the admins approve it.)
  10. Both teams must have to come to the Server on time. If any team doesn't come within 30 minutes of the scheduled time at least with 4 players, then that team will lose the match. 
  11. If all players of a team don’t come on time, then if that team want, they can play with Handicapped Team or they will lose the match. A handicap match can't be played even if a team got less than 3 players even after the team agrees to play. But no concession will be given.
  12. Promod maps are- Crash, Backlot, Crossfire, Strike and Citystreets.
  13. Illegal Glitches or Light Glitches, Binds & Scripts are not allowed. 
  14. Teams must use GxG TeamSpeak (Server IP- ) for Voice Chat during the ACC matches. Teams will be assigned with Private TeamSpeak Channels to use.
  15. Team captains & vice- captains will be solely responsible for verifying the team members in ts.
  16. Any Abusive/Foul/Racist language is strictly prohibited. Using those could be the reason for the team to be kicked out from the tourney.
  17. All matches will be played on GxG's Dedicated Server.
  18. In every match there will be 2 Referees/Admins in the server to control the match.
  19. Respect all Clans, Players, Team-Leaders and also Admins. And respect all Admin’s decision and obey it.
Match Rules:
                   There will be a knife round at first. The loser of the knife round will eliminate 1 map (out of the 5) first. The winner of the knife round will eliminate one more map. Now we are remaining with 3 maps, out of these 3 maps, the losing team (Knife round) will choose 1 map to play, Side will be chosen by the winning team. For the second map, the winning team of the knife round will choose the map and losing team of the knife will choose the side.

Three possibilities are there:
  • In case both maps are won by a single team, the match will end there and winner will be the one which won both the maps.
  • In case both the teams won 1 map each, the match will go into the third map, the map will be the one which is remaining[P1] of the 5 maps. Side will be chosen via a new knife round. Winner of the 3rd map will be the winner of the whole match. Here one more possibility is there of a draw in the 3rd map; in that case mr_3 will be put on the same map and mr3's will be played as long as we don't get a clear winner. In mr3, the initial sides will be the same as they were initially in that map.
  • In case one map is a draw, and 2 maps are won by 2 different teams, then them match will go on to mr3. Map will the one which was played the last (3rd map), and sides will same as they were initially in the 3rd map.
To be strictly kept in mind:

  • If a player found guilty of using Hacks, any illegal scripts, or any other foul means; he, with his team, will be permanently kicked out of the tourney upon Admins' discretion.
  • If a player is found to be smurfing or is found impersonating someone else in the match (even impersonating his own team mate), he'll be liable for strict action, maybe ban from the tourney. And that team will automatically lose the match.
  • GUIDs have to match. In case GUID's aren't exact as per given before, then strict action might be taken. You are requested to check you GUIDs prior to the match, if any discrepancy is there, inform the admins.
Fraps Rules:
  • Start Fraps and go to 'Screenshots'.
  • Assign any hotkey for the ss to be taken.
  • Tick both 'Include frame rate overlay on screenshots' and 'Repeat screen capture every '3' seconds'
  • Image format should be 'JPG'. It takes the least space.
  • Start the game while fraps is on, and press the hotkey assigned ONCE, you'll see the fps overlay flash, and it'll keep flashing every 3 seconds. In case it is not flashing every 3 seconds, press the hotkey again ONCE. Pressing the hotkey even number of times, simply stops fraps from taking ss.
  • Minimizing the game automatically STOPS fraps from taking ss. So keep in mind to start fraps again after minimizing.

                                                                  It is solely your responsibility, to take ALL the screenshots. If the opponent asks for fraps ss, then you are required to UPLOAD them. If you take the ss in JPG format, then all screenshots will be of around 100-150 mb, which is easily uploadable. Asking to come on team viewer is not an option because any player can easily delete some ss (which might be having something fishy) and in team viewer it is not easy to spot. We also know that some people take ss through demos, if that’s the condition then that player will be banned immediately along with his team.

Fraps  Link        :
PB Update        :
Challonge Link :
iw3mp Link       :

Animus eSports team Genesiz , Team XBOT and Team V playing this tourney. Good Luck All Members and Play fair and wise.. Shy

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RE: Asian CoD4 Championship 2015 - Tharindu Weerasinghe - 04-29-2015

Come On GNZ

RE: Asian CoD4 Championship 2015 - Python - 04-29-2015

Good Luck ! Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink

RE: Asian CoD4 Championship 2015 - ShaSh - 04-29-2015

Good Luck Tongue Tongue

RE: Asian CoD4 Championship 2015 - taigame24h - 06-14-2016

it is true that the great achievement