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Full Version: Dialog Gaming Clash-On! Sri Lanka
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Dialog Gaming Clash-On! Sri Lanka

                                             For the first time in Sri Lanka, Dialog Gaming Clash-On! Sri Lanka 2016 will be held on 09th July 2016 at BMICH in strategic partnership with Gamer.LK.Play, learn and compete! Dialog Gaming Clash-On! Sri Lanka will feature tournaments, raffle draws, cosplay competitions and many more activities.

Open to all. No registration fee.

Each team can have a maximum of five (5) players only. Larger clans with more players can split themselves up (eg: Clan Metro with 50 players can make 10 teams of 5) but they need not leave their clans. Players with no clans or registering alone will be grouped randomly after registration on the day.

The five players in each team needs to be present at the venue. All clans must be closed and remain closed for the whole duration of the tournament. All participating teams will battle it out for four (4) hours straight. After registration at the venue, no player replacement is allowed.

The tournament format will be "Royal Rumble". Upon registration, all players trophy count will be registered. All teams play simultaneously thereafter and after the duration of battle, the team with the most trophies gained will win.



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